23 April 2023

Wejcman Monika (b. 1968)

Artist-painter. In the years 1988-1996 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, at the Faculty of Conservation of Painting and Polychrome Sculpture in the atelier of Professor P. Bogusławski. She continued her education in the Painting Studio at the Faculty of Interior Design of Prof. G. Pabela and in the Drawing Studio at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw - Dr. H. Borys. Among other things, she worked on the conservation of a painting decorating the ceiling of the royal bedroom of the Wilanów Palace. She also conducted art classes for children "Small Gallery" and individual lessons in a private studio. Her paintings have been repeatedly lent to films and commercials. 

Painting has always been in the bloodstream of her family and friends of the house. Together with her twin sister Sylwia, Monika Wejcman went through a full artistic education, starting from watching  mother at the easel, through studies at the High School of Fine Arts in Częstochowa, painting and drawing lessons in the atelier of Andrzej Desperak and finally at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. For this artist, painting is an attempt to capture reflections that come to her by themselves while observing everyday events, seemingly trivial, but for her containing the essence and code of life, thick with content.


ul. Marszałkowska 8 

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