23 April 2023

Bogucka Beata (b. 1966)

Versatile artist. A graduate of the Secondary Art School in Katowice - specialisation in jewellery, and the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia - production of television and film images. She works in painting, drawing, storyboards, animation, ceramics, sculpture, film effects and visualisation.

She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions. In her artistic practice, she often relies on experimentation and the discovery of new techniques. She is fascinated by the interpenetration of the filmic and painterly worlds and the search for relationships between movement, space, light and colour.

(...) "In the course of my search and the acquisition of various technological skills, I come across subtleties that we pass by indifferently; of course, those who are more sensitive may stop for a moment, but they are such delicacies that sometimes fill a void or make a work of art something even greater and richer than it is and what it can become" (...) - Beata Bogucka

ul. Marszałkowska 8 

+48 (22) 400 21 04