Kalina - curator of the Kawałek Sztuki Gallery

Artist and art researcher, graduate of the Faculty of Artes Liberales at the University of Warsaw. He combines his love of art in theory and practice actively working as an artist and theorist. His work focuses on drawing abstraction with a delicate line achieved through chiaroscuro. Using the pencil, he tries to bring to life unfamiliar shapes, forms and even entire imaginary worlds. It is an attempt to capture fleeting thoughts; a journey into the unknown recesses of the subconscious and a balancing act on the verge of self-understanding. At Piece of Art Gallery, she and Janek organise openings and exhibitions, look after the artists and promote and sell art.

Kalina - curator of the Kawałek Sztuki Gallery

Curator and art researcher, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a degree in Artistic Research. In her artistic and theoretical practice, she investigates the experience of the female body entangled in the socio-political framework. She is fascinated by the issue of the body and the related categories of corporeality, sexuality, nudity or intimacy. At the Piece of Art Gallery, she and Janek organise openings and exhibitions, supervise artists and promote and sell art.

Ela and Eve - the chefs and the two hearts of our art-bistro

They cook and bake for you Elisabeth and Ewa, for whom cooking is a great passion, which they treat with great commitment and heart. In addition to dishes from the kitchen, Kawa£ykSztuki invites you to enjoy our wonderful sweets and delicious coffee.
We bring traditional yeast cakes, pastries, cakes, and ice cream especially for you to Warsaw from the Conssoni farm in Kamyk. Our homemade cakes are baked for you by Ewa and the taste of her apple pie and cheesecake is irresistible.
The coffee we serve at KawaŁykSztuki is Blend Espresso Royal Classic from Cavallo. 100% Arabica, a blend of four arabicas from Tanzania and Guatemala with an exceptionally mild and delicate bouquet.

Monika - owner

Painting has always been in the bloodstream of her family and friends at home. Together with her twin sister Sylwia, she underwent a complete artistic education, starting from watching their mother at her easel, through studies at the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Częstochowa, painting and drawing classes at the atelier of Andrzej Desperak and finally at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. For the artist, painting is an attempt to capture reflections that come to her on their own when observing everyday events, seemingly trivial, but for her containing the essence and code of life, thick with content.

ul. Marszałkowska 8 

+48 (22) 400 21 04

KAWAŁYKSZTUKI is a meeting place created by Tomasz and Monika Wejcman since 2016 with great passion. The 1936 tenement in which the art-bistro is located is a unique space due to the preserved original character of the interior. 95% of the furniture that fills our interior is from the 1950s and 1960s. We bought the furniture from various places and restored it to regain its former shine and condition. Everyone can choose the right one depending on their mood. Food and desserts are served on crockery designed especially for Kawa£ykSztuki by friendly ceramicists who exhibit their work in our Gallery. The most important element of the place, however, are the paintings, hanging on the walls or leaning against them and waiting for their good moment.

GALLERY KAWAŁEK SZTUKI includes conscious artists with extensive artistic experience as well as debutants who are just positioning their place on the art market. Our Gallery provides an opportunity for very close contact with art, without haste in a way that is individual and appropriate for everyone. It allows you to contemplate the paintings without restraint and at will while being very close to them, drinking wine or eating something good. When the paintings change for a new one after the next exhibition, the whole space changes in its mood and character, making Kawa£ykSztuki constantly alive and developing before our eyes.

A separate space of Kawa£ykSztuki is the PAINTING PRACTICE, where Monika Wejcman invites you to take lessons in painting, drawing and sculpture. She runs them with great satisfaction and admiration for the talent and enthusiasm of her students. People don't even know how talented and creative they are, they just need time, space and artistic support to find out. Here, they can stop for a few lessons and create their own painting, drawing or sculpture. And it's beautiful!

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